Welcome to pytest-executable documentation!

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pytest-executable is a pytest plugin for simplifying the black-box testing of an executable, be it written in python or not. It helps to avoid writing the boilerplate test code to:

  • define the settings of a test case in a yaml file,

  • spawn a subprocess for running an executable,

  • reorder the tests properly either for a single test case or across several test cases,

  • handle the outputs and references directory trees,

  • provide convenient fixtures to customize the checking of the outcome of an executable.

It integrates naturally with standard test scripts written for pytest.

This plugin is originally intended for testing executables that create scientific data but it may hopefully be helpful for other kinds of executables. This project is still young, but already used in a professional environment.


The project documentation and installation instructions are available online.


A contributing guide will be soon available (just a matter of free time).

Please fill an issue on the Github issue tracker for any bug report, feature request or question.


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